Meet our Coaches!


Tiffany Warden has been performing and teaching circus arts for over ten years. She has worked for numerous Toronto circus institutions and started the Flying Arts Collective in 2011. What began as a twice-a-week program now boasts multiple classes nearly every day of the week.

Tiffany regularly travels North America as a guest instructor, and has close ties with aerial studios in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Chicago, and New York. She taught the aerial track at Pole Expo in Las Vegas for two years, and has given workshops in New Orleans, Detroit, and Seattle.

Tiffany specializes in solid apparatuses (hoop and trapeze), but also teaches a mean silks class.


Melding together his experience as a massage therapist (in training), creativity, and deep knowledge of aerial, Jasper is a knowledgable and inventive instructor. His performing experience is vast, ranging from corporate events to avant garde affairs. A master of vertical apparatuses (rope and silks), he brings a unique outlook to the solid apparatuses (trapeze and hoop).


Laura is a force to be reckoned with. With almost 15 years of circus experience, she has dedicated her practice to aerial silks, straps, and hoop, while maintaining phenomenal skills on other apparatuses. She has toured across Canada, the US, and Europe, bringing her strength and grace to audiences of all sizes.

In addition to being an accomplished performer, Laura has also developed innovative curriculum for aerial apparatuses founded in progressions and utilizing technique, while challenging strength and flexibility. This no surprise considering her Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts focused on dance.


She likes to condition… and so will you after taking her class. A trapeze specialist, Mary-Margaret has over ten years of experience in circus. She has had the pleasure of teaching trapeze and stretch classes across Canada. As a performer, she has performed in such shows as Cascades, Cirque Du Zouk, Lunacy Cabaret, Body Brake, and Long Winter. A founding member of Sottosopra Aerial Arts, she is creative and compelling in all of her performances.


One of the core Illuminair performers, Taliya is an extraordinary silks performer: strong, dexterous, and agile. Her resume includes big name performances such as HarbourKids, Theatre Bizarre, Nerdgasm, and Anime North to more artistic pursuits such as Fragments, a No Parachute production, and Reverie, a downtempo drawing night. Inventive in all her undertakings, she is the creative driving force behind the Chandelier, a one-of-a-kind apparatus.

As an instructor, Taliya is the only FACT instructor with yoga certification. Her teaching style melds character, slowness, breath, and texture with the strength requirements of aerial silks.

Brown Sloth

The original aerialist and defacto FACT mascot, Brown Sloth will give you the workout of your dreams. It will literally be in your dreams because it will take him that long to get there.